DRS citation

ECF President’s Award for Servise to Chess 2015

David Sedgwick

We are very pleased to report that David Sedgwick, an active Mushroom for many years and currently our Chairman, is to be one of this year’s five recipients of the ECF President’s Award for Services to Chess. The text of the citation by the ECF is appended below.

David Sedgwick started out as a player. He became interested in playing internationally and then branched out into being an arbiter. He is an ECF Senior Arbiter and an International Arbiter, our only Grade A one who is currently active. When they started official FIDE lecturers for the FIDE Arbiter title, he and I [Stewart Reuben] were the only two from the same federation. He is the ECF manager of Arbiters (International). He has been BCF International Director and our representative on the Sports & Recreation Alliance. He is currently a member of the Hastings International Congress Committee and the Friends of Chess Committee.