Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting and safeguarding your personal data. To that end we only hold details of your name, email and phone number and possibly postal address.

As far as possible all email communications will be sent by bcc except as indicated below.

All such information will be held in one location (my computer) and shared only with the Club Chairman, Treasurer and Match Captains for the specific purposes of sending the communications described in this email.

We share information (results!) with the London Chess league and through them with the English Chess Federation for grading purposes. Results also appear on our website. We do not share information with anyone else.

For current members we can and will continue to send you match invitations, demands for your subscription and other emails with direct relevance to members. We also send out match reports, and sometimes a discussion ensues, with the players commenting on how they came to win or lose – and some of us would be sad to see this stop. For such a discussion to happen it needs to be conducted with the email addresses of all concerned visible, not bcc’d. Therefore if you wish to be included on the list to whom such emails are sent we need your specific permission to include you – just not opting out won’t do, you have to opt in.

From time to time we receive details of tournaments coming up and it is our practice to forward these to such members/supporters as wish to receive them. To keep it simple we deem that anybody, member or supporter, wanting to receive such emails needs to opt in to them. Please let us know your preferences.

  • Opting in (or not) to results discussions (the default is that you will be assumed to be opting out)
  • Opting in (or not) to tournament flyers (the default is that you will be assumed to be opting out)